Exhibition – 42nd Annual Meeting


42nd Annual Meeting > Exhibition

May 14-18, 2017
Jeddah Hilton Hotel

The exhibition at the Annual Meeting will have two major categories:

  1. IDB Group’s major activities and success stories
  2. Innovative development solutions from the IDB Member Countries.

The IsDB Group Exhibition will showcase the development interventions of the Group in last 43 years in various areas from infrastructure, human development, agriculture to capacity building, Islamic Finance, Private Sector development, Insurance, Trade Finance and so on.

The Innovation exhibition brings together several projects from the Member Countries that are innovative, inclusive and have impacted on the livelihoods of people.

Innovation is the most crucial element to build competency of countries to survive and compete in the global market. Countries ability to innovate and apply the relevant technologies determine its strengths to foster development and sustain socio-economic growth. Many IDB Member Countries have excelled in improving lives of their people by innovating solutions in those areas. Many lessons as well as the processes and methodologies to innovate can be learnt from these countries.

The major objectives of the exhibition are:

  • To showcase achievements and activities of the Bank Group
  • To create a platform of innovators and institutions in IDB member countries fostering innovative solutions
  • To facilitate knowledge exchange by sharing experiences and success stories
  • To explore possibility of transfer and replication of good practices/solutions.
  • To plant seeds of an innovation networking platform within IDB member countries

For more information, please contact- Knowledge Management and Innovation Department ( KMI@isdb.org )

Participating Organizations

 Country  Implementing Agency/organization  Project Title  Logo
 Azerbaijan  Sumaks  Smart Prosthetic Arm


 Bangladesh BRAC Innovation Fund for Mobile Money  brac_logo-svg
 Algeria  ELCS Research Mouachir



 Bangladesh  Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh  Public Expenditure Management Strengthening Program  5
 Burkina Faso  Caisse Baitoul Maal  Projet d’appui aux initiatives des femmes et des jeunes dans les zones de Ouagadougou et de Dori  baitul-maal
 Comores  Vice Presidency for the Economy General Planning Commission, Comores  The social network for the young entrepreneurs  comores
 Egypt  PayME  PayME  egypt
 Gabon  Digitech Africa  E-BILLING  gabon
 Indonesia  Kitabisa.com  Kitabisa.com (Mobile App for Zakat & Online Giving)  indonesia
 Iran  Mustafa (pbuh) Science and Technology Foundation(MSTF)  Mustafa(pbuh) Prize Science and Technology Award  iran
 Jordan  Central bank of Jordan  Jordan Mobile Payment  jordan
 Malaysia  MoneyMatch (Malaysia) Pte Ltd  MoneyMatch transfer and exchange  malaysia
 Niger  KHAMISS SARL  Projet de vente de l’immobilier en ligne dénommé khamissimmo  niger
 Oman  Falling Walls LAB 2016 Oman  Wise Wallet  oman
 Pakistan  National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) A Cost-Effective Simulator for Minimal Invasive Surgery  pakistan-02
 Pakistan  Akhuwat  Akhuwat Interest Free Islamic Microfinance  pakistan
 Palestine  Halal Technologies  Halal Phone  palestine
 Republic of Benin  Association Pour La Solidarite Des Marches (ASMAB)  CARTE MAGNETIQUE D’EPARGNE SECURISEE (CARMES)  benin
 Suriname  Probitas foundation  Information technology in Suriname (ITIS)  suiname
 Tajikistan  State Committee on Investment and State Property Management, Tajikistan  Hybrid Power Supply Systems For Settlements  tajikistan
 Tchad  Bureau d’Appui au Développement Intérgré en Afrique (BADIA)  Projet de fabrication de climatiseur extraplat et autonome en termes d’énergie  tchad
 Tunisia  Protect Me  Protect Me  tunisia
 Yemen  Al-Amal Microfinance Bank PYES (Telecom Wallet)

Leasing(Ended by Ownership)  product

Youth Finance Fund model

 United Kingdom  Arab Innovation Network – AIN  Arab Innovation Network – AIN  uk
 Pakistan  MediConnect Services Pvt. Ltd.  MyDoctor.pk  pakistan-03
 Saudi Arabia  Qirtas  Qirtas  saudi-arabia
 Saudi Arabia  Sadeem  Sadeem  saudi-arabia-02
 Tunisia  Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship  Lingare Mahdia  tunisia
 Egypt  Yomken.com (by Istebdaa’ LLC.)  CrowdSolving for Development  egypt-02
UAE  Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation 

 Iran  Asan Pardakht Persian  Information Technology and Services- ePayment  asan-pardakht
 Sri Lanka Amãna Bank    Gold Financing Facility  picture1
 Tunisia  KB2I  SenseAnalytics ©  kb2i


 Saudi Arabia


 Cura  logo


Islamic Development Bank                                                                                               IDB Logo color

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ICD                                                                                                                                                  ICD New Logo


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